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In a rush?

Don't panic! We'll do our best to accommodate rush orders. Whether or not we can fit into your timeline is completely dependent on the type of project and how many other projects we're currently working on, so the best way to find out if we can help is to reach out! 

Delivery + Pick-Up

We've partnered with the local delivery company, Swift Courier, which covers the broader Denver metro area for same-day pick-up and delivery.


For Delivery:

Just let us know you'd like it delivered and your address and we'll take care of the details and add the delivery fee to your final invoice. 

For Pick-ups: 

Step 1: Call 303-422-2222 to schedule a pick-up.

Step 2: You will give them your address and let them know you're having it delivered to MG Tailoring. (They have our location on file) 

Step 3: You can either pay over the phone or have it added to the MG Tailoring Account and we will add the fee to your final invoice. 

Pricing varies based on distance and how quickly you need it but averages around $15-20 for most services. 

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