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We're unique. We have the equipment and expertise to accommodate nearly every project. The best way to find out if we can help is to reach out for a free consultation.
Contact us at 303-501-5515
A few of our specialties are listed below. 


Vintage, heirloom, thrifted pieces 

We LOVE giving new life to forgotten pieces. We know older fabrics can be tricky and these items can carry sentimental value. You can trust us to preserve and honor every piece and make what was old, new again. It's also the most sustainable way to freshen up your wardrobe! 


Suits and men's apparel

We know putting on a great suit can be transformative (no matter what your gender). With a properly tailored suit your shoulders are broadened; your lines, longer and leaner; your waist, trimmer. We also know, the key to a great suit is proper tailoring that perfectly fits to your body. With extensive experience in men's ware and suits, we're confident we can create the perfect fit for you to look great and feel great. 


Knitted sweaters and outdoor apparel (ski pants & jackets) 

Knitted sweaters and outdoor apparel can last a lifetime if taken care of properly, but sometimes they need to be repaired or altered. Whether it's a zipper, or snag, or the fit, we'll help you get them back into tip-top shape and you can continue to wear them for years to come. 


Weddings and special occasions 

Special occasions are our most popular request. It's an honor to help you look your best for a big event. We know finding the right tailor for such an important outfit can be intimidating, and we're confident we have the expertise to create the exact look you're hoping for. 


Remember, you never have to change your body to fit anything. The dress or suit should change to fit you and a proper tailor will know how to make the clothing accentuate your beautiful self.  Please note: Alterations for special occasions can take a few weeks so please plan in advance. 


Raw denim and leather

Getting a custom fit with difficult fabrics like raw denim and leather can be tricky, because many tailors don't have the equipment or experience to handle them, but we're fortunate to be able to excel at both. We're happy to help you fix your jeans, jackets, and more so they fit perfectly. (And yes, we've even made jean jackets for pups!)

Quick note: It's always better to have jeans altered after you've worn them, not freshly washed. 


All the basics

Need a new button or hem? There's no job too big or small for us. We're confident that once you see how easy and rewarding it is to get your clothes tailored specifically for you, you'll keep coming back! 

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